What do you get when you join the Thai Crystal Hall?

Or if you meet these needs and want to live like this, these are the epitome of the life of our aromatherapists.


1. To achieve the freedom of wealth and high income in advance, so that your life will not oppress the ideal life you have thought of due to factors such as school loans and the environment.

2. Before the age of 30, I would travel around 8-10 countries on my own strength and continue to increase. 3. Stable income and flexible working hours, let yourself cultivate second expertise, second interest, and even save the first bucket of gold. There are many people who are investing or starting a business.

4. The company provides foreign language training. It is expected to start overseas expansion this year. It has actively trained the first batch of seed personnel overseas to join the Thai Crystal Temple. Overseas employment is no longer a high threshold.

5. Stable promotion, find your own career and music education at work, and now the senior executives are the aromatherapists who seriously managed themselves and refined their studies.

What kind of self do you want to be?

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