We provide a top-of-line health program by combining royal massage and European SPA practice. The cozy ambience and heart-warming service constitute a relaxing environment that is top of the line, healthy and free of sexual indication. Most importantly, the price is low and affordable to typical office workers to enjoy the massage service.
It is often that the night sessions are fully booked.
For appointment, please call before 18:00.
We apologize in advance if we cannot accept your appointment. 
No program or product to be bought; you pay for the service you receive, as simple as that! 

Foot cuticle scraped 

Thai style body is characterized by a centripetal massage. The aromatherapist starts all the way from the foot and massages by pressing, stretching, and stretching. Therefore, the aromatherapist will first clean the feet with almond milk exfoliating cream and match the rose essential oil lotion to wash away your tiredness.

Body passive yoga

Passive yoga, also known as lazy yoga. For modern people, there is often no time for exercise. The aromatherapist uses a lacing movement and stretching techniques to relax the body, stretch the muscles, squat the joints and correct the balance of the body and mind.

Head and neck acupressure

Head and shoulder pain is a common problem in modern people. Working at eight hours a day, lack of exercise, it will inevitably lead to acid, pain and ups. The health massage of head, shoulder and neck can enhance muscle vitality, improve blood circulation and relieve brain pressure. Eliminate nervous emotions.

Oil and heat treatment

Traditional Thai body massage is not hydraulic. The Chinese people generally prefer the technique of oil pressure hot compress, so they combine the oil pressure and aromatic oil SPA of Chinese massage. Designed a set of back pressure and hot compressing pressure that is in line with the Chinese people's favorite.

Royal Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the ancient Thai medical cultures. It has a history of more than 4,000 years. It is different from Chinese acupressure. It is based on active joints. It uses push, press, touch, pull, squat, squat, pinch and other methods. The movement, from the sole to the head in a gentle, uniform and moderate manner, can quickly eliminate fatigue, enhance the elasticity and vitality of the joint ligament, and achieve the purpose of health care.